How to make a complaint

If you have experienced racism very recently, you may wish to read the information about Self Care first.

However if you want information about to make a complaint now, you’re on the right page!

This website covers information about reporting racism that occurred in locations where people are most likely to be racially discriminated against in Australia. Some of these locations are specifically referred to by Australian anti-discrimination laws, while others were identified as areas of concern by All Together Now. These links will take you to more information about how to make a complaint:

When we talk about racial discrimination on this website, we are referring to both direct discrimination and indirect discrimination. These terms are defined by the Australian Human Rights Commission as follows:

Direct discrimination – this happens when a person, or a group of people, is treated less favourably than another person or group because of their background or certain personal characteristics e.g. where an Indian applicant is not offered a job interview because they have a traditionally Indian name and/or they were born in India.

Indirect discrimination – this occurs when there is an unreasonable rule or policy that is the same for everyone but has an unfair effect on people who share a particular attribute, e.g. where a company’s policy states that employees are not allowed to wear hats or other items on their head — this would discriminate against anybody who chooses to do this for religious reasons including Sikhs, Muslims, and Jews.